Consular Legalization of Documents Issued in Ukraine

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of Consular legalization of documents issued in Ukraine (legalization in Embassy).

Consular legalization is a procedure approved by international law and aimed at recognition of the documents abroad. This procedure is used for the official documents intended for the countries that are not parties to the Hague Convention.

Consular legalization of official documents includes the following steps:

  • legalization of documents in the Ministry of Justice;
  • legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • translation of documents and notary certification;
  • legalization in the Embassy / Consulate of the country of destination.

However, legalized document will be valid only in the country which Embassy / Consulate has legalized it.

For the legalization of documents the customer has to make a notarized power of attorney to our employee.

The countries that have not signed The Hague Convention: Canada, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao), Iran, India, Egypt, UAE, Saudi  Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Vietnam and others.

Features of consular legalization:

  • for submission of documents for legalization on behalf of the customer the power of attorney executed by the notary to one of the employees of the Lion's Mark Law Company is required. Otherwise, documents will not be accepted in the above instances. If the holder of the document is in another country, the power of attorney can be executed directly at the Consulate of Ukraine in this country;
  • for legalization of Diplomas the stamps of legalization are affixed to  notarized copies of documents. The main requirement for legalization of Diploma is to provide archival certificate from the educational institution;
  • if legalization is performed for documents issued by departments of RACS, one needs to provide a new model form of the document. If the old model form of the document is acceptable in the country of  issuance, the stamp of legalization is affixed to its notarized copy;
  • legalization of corporate documents requires the provision of a covering letter from the company on a form with the seal and signed by Director. The letter must contain data of one of the employees of Lion's Mark Law Company who will apply for legalization.

Consular Department does not affix a stamp of legalization on documents executed and issued in foreign countries.  Documents of this type are  legalized in the Consulate of Ukraine, which is located in the country of issuance of documents.

Certification of documents in the Embassy.

Certification of documents in Consular offices of foreign countries is one of the links in the chain of legalization.  Procedure of Consular  legalization always ends with a certification in the Embassy of relevant state. Depending on the country, the Consular seal is affixed on the  original of document or on the legalized translation of this document.

In addition, the Embassies of some countries carry out certification of copies of official documents. For example, the Spanish Embassy certifies  the copies of foreign passports and the German Embassy affixes a Consular seal on the copies of official Ukrainian documents.

Apostille + Consular legalization.

This procedure envisages an Apostille in the ministries of Ukraine, translation by a sworn translator of the Embassy and subsequent legalization  in the Embassy / Consulate of the country of destination.

Countries: Italy, Spain.

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