Drafting, legal expertise of agreements & contracts

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of drawing up and legal expertise of agreements and contracts.

Agreement is one of the most important documents regulating the relations between business entities and, as case may be, with the state authorities.

One of the core specializations of our company is legal analysis of agreements. Our lawyers are able to quickly and qualitatively examine an agreement drawn up by you or proposed by your contractor. You may also contact us for a legal evaluation of comments, additions of your contractor to your model contract. Legal expertise of agreements is required for effective activities of any business agent. Such analysis will allow you to evaluate the content of the contract and understand the true meaning of its terms and conditions.

Our experts will provide you with information about whether the contract complies with current legislation, whether it respects your interests, whether the contract contains any clauses that allow ambiguous interpretation of its provisions and whether it contains any clauses that violate your rights. Our experts will identify terms in the contract that would later negatively affect your interests, propose to include terms in the contract that would significantly strengthen your position, as well as explain the general legal meaning of the contract and its individual clauses.

We provide services for the drafting and analysis of legal documents, including services for the preparation and legal review of all types of contracts, such as:

  • Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Exchange Contract
  • Supply Agreement
  • Contract of Lease (Tenancy)
  • Deed of Gift
  • Debt Contract
  • Trust Agreement
  • Joint Activity Agreement
  • Service Agreement
  • Commission Agreement
  • Life Estate Agreement
  • Contractor's Agreement
  • Custody Agreement
  • Property Management Agreement
  • Property Division Agreement
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Marriage Contract
  • Succession Agreement
  • License Agreement
  • Employment Contract
  • Collective Agreement
  • Foreign Trade Agreement and others

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