Nostrification of Foreign Degrees in Ukraine

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of nostrification of foreign degrees in Ukraine.

Nostrification of foreign degrees is a recognition of foreign education level in Ukraine (for example, economic education received in Germany is recognized equal to economic education received in Ukraine) for purposes of further job placement or education.

Formally, the owner of a foreign Degree has no proper education concerning the host country.

Anyone who came to another country to work or study can face the problem of verification of his/her document confirming education or qualification.

The Ministry of Education and Science is in charge for nostrification of foreign Degrees in Ukraine.

A list of required documents for the nostrification of Degrees in Ukraine:

  1. Standard application form;
  2. Original documents confirming education (Degrees, Certificates, Transcripts) duly legalized (Apostille, consular legalization or notarization depending on the country of issue)
  3. Copies of above documents with notarized translation;
  4. Curriculum (program), if the Degree Transcript does not contain complete information on the passed courses, subjects, number of hours / modules / credits (required) for all subjects and other information on process of education;
  5. Document confirming accreditation of educational institution, which issued the document. If the studies were carried out in a branch of educational institution in a foreign country, you must provide a license for educational services of this branch. Documents must be legalized (if necessary, depending on the country of issue) and submitted with the certified translations;
  6. Copies of previous educational certificates (access qualification) if they are related to education concerning the documents you are applying for nostrification or if these documents may affect the process of nostrification;
  7. A copy of the document confirming the identity of the applicant (passport, certificate of place of residence). For foreign citizen a notarized translation of the passport is required;
  8. Document confirming the legal basis of stay in the territory of foreign country for the whole period of studies;
  9. Power of Attorney to represent your interests

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