Discovery of Documents

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of discovery of documents.

  1. Documents from the bodies of Registration of Acts of Civil Status (RACS):
    • Certificate of birth;
    • Marriage certificate
    • Certificate of divorce
    • Evidence of marriage from RACS
    • Certificate of birth from RACS (for single parent)
    • Certificate of change of name, surname, patronymic from RACS;
    • Certificate of death
  2. Documents from the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA):
    • Certificate of no criminal record
  3. Documents from the public utility services (housing services):
    • Certificate from the place of residence (Housing office, ZhEK, utility enterprise, housing cooperative, district executive committee etc.)
  4. Notarial documents
    • notarized copies of documents (court decision);
    • notarized copies of documents of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, copies of Degrees, school certificates, certificates isuued by tax authorities etc.;
  5. Documents from educational institutions:
    • Certificates, Degrees, supplements.
  6. Documents from the health authorities:
    • Medical certificate with the stamp of the regional Department of Health and the Ministry of Health, with affixed Apostille.

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