Drafting the Claim

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of drafting the claim.

A problem of non-feasance or improper execution of contractual obligations (in particular, a non payment under the contract) takes place in business practice.

By virtue of obligation one person (debtor) shall be obliged to do an act for the benefit of another person (creditor), for example: to transfer a property, to do the works, to pay money etc., or to refrain from certain action, and the creditor has the right to demand a discharge of obligations.

When contractor refuses to discharge his contractual obligations, it is necessary to demand the discharge of an obligation juridically. But it is important to remember about the pre-trial procedure for the settlement of the dispute. This is a procedure, the meaning of which is that the injured party demands compensation from the defaulting party. Such a demand is drawn up as a claim and should compensate the losses caused by illegal actions of the contracting party.

Advantages of the claim:

  • No extra expenses: when filing a statement of claim, it is necessary to pay the court fee, expenses for gathering and copying of required documents etc. You will understand that settlement in court itself is a highly expensive process both in the matter of time and money. Lawyer's services for settlement in court are more expensive than pre-trial settlement. And let's not forget that if the court decision is not in your favor you will not be reimbursed.
  • Filing a statement of claim is not an ordinary drafting a document of a free format, but rather a complicated and responsible procedure. If the claim is not drawn up in accordance with procedural law, the court can shelve or return it . As a result, you will spend a lot of time for drafting the claim. In this situation pre-trial settlement is the most appropriate and inexpensive decision.

It is necessary to follow the pre-trial procedure, sending a claim to the counterparties, if it is stipulated by law or the contract.

In its complexity, pre-trial disputes are not inferior to cases handled in court. You will need legal knowledge, financial resources, evidence and protection strategy.

Specialists of Lion's Mark Law Company will be glad to help you in these matters.

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