Translation of Corporate Documents

In general, Corporate Documents means all the documents used by a company withing the framework of its operations - from the very incorporation to its day-to-day activities and relations with other entities. Thus, they cover all the matters and purposes of the company’s business and are very important in dealings with customers, partners and organizations.

We live in a world of global economy; our company understands that translation of corporate documents is crucial for establishing the long-lasting relations with your foreign partners and we’ll be glad to help you break the language barriers in your business matters.

The list of corporate documents from our clients includes the following:

  • Incorporation documents (Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Association, By-laws, Statutes, Certificate of Incorporation, Minutes, etc.)
  • Audit report and financial statements, annual report
  • Tax return
  • Account statements
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Contracts, Agreements, Deeds
  • Patents
  • Marketing research
  • Corporate presentations
  • Internal documents, letters, correspondence, email
  • Legal proceedings, arbitrations, court decisions etc.
  • HR policy
  • Technical Specifications and Term Sheets
  • Training materials, product manuals and user guides

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