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Nowadays, due to expansion of international contacts and communications both in business and in personal fields, it is very important to have the most proficient and accurate legal translation of your documents for successful result. 

At the same time, it is necessary to admit that the texts of legal documents usually include specific and complex terminology, phraseology and figures of speech. In addition, allowance must be made for the fact that every country has its unique legal system with legal and public practice, traditions and norms of legislation, judicial bodies, and certain aspects of judicial mentality, legal culture and customs. Traditionally, legal lexicon is one of the most difficult for translation; thus, translator must have high standard of knowledge both in target language and in the legal field.

That is why we co-operate only with professional translators and dedicated legal experts that have a solid experience in this field and performed a number of complex legal translation projects. When you turn to Lion’s Mark Company, you will be satisfied with a quality of translation performed according to generally accepted linguistic and legal principles, taking in consideration the aspects of legal system, institutions and instruments existing in the country of target language. Moreover, you will be glad to have your documents translated within a tight deadline and with full confidence.

Lion's Mark Company is ready to make legal translation of your documents regardless of their types and complexity.

For example, we accept the following documents:

  • Legal translation of personal and public documents;
  • Legal translation of codes, laws, other normative legal acts and drafts of such instruments;
  • Legal translation of all types of contracts (agreements, conventions, treaties);
  • Legal translation of notarial deeds (instruments attested or certified by notary), documents legalized by means of Apostille or Consular Legalization;
  • Legal translation of corporate documents (constitutional (charter) documents) (Memorandum of Association or Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Association or By-Laws, Shareholders' Agreements, Partnership Agreements etc.), regulations, rules, instructions, orders, decisions of corporate bodies etc.;
  • Legal translation of proxies, power of attorney;
  • Legal translation of specialized literature (legal practice, assays, commentaries in the field of law) and so on.

and this list is not full ...

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