Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of obtaining the Environmental impact assessment (EIA).

Prior to construction of any new business facility, it is necessary to assess its possible impact on the environment in the place of its intended location. For this purpose pre-project documentation (so-called "Environmental impact assessment" (EIA)) shall be prepared.

EIA is a mandatory requirement during preparations at the stage of investment feasibility study and design, and is exercised according to the Law of Ukraine "On Environmental Protection".

The purpose of the EIA is to determine the feasibility and acceptability of the proposed commercial, industrial, institutional, health, public, legal and other measures to ensure the safety of the environment.

EIA performs the following tasks:

  1. Analysis of the current environmental situation in the region;
  2. Identifying a list of environmentally hazardous effects;
  3. Calculation of the scale and intensity of the projected facility's impact on the environment;
  4. Prediction of the environmental situation resulting from the design concepts;
  5. Evaluation of possible emergency situations;
  6. Determination of measures to prevent and limit the negative impact of the projected activities on the environment in order to meet the requirements of environmental laws and regulations;
  7. Determination of residual impacts and acceptability of the project from the ecological point of view;
  8. Preparation of Application regarding the environmental effects of the project.

The procedure includes several stages:

  • environmental impact assessment and development of EIA materials, including engineering, environmental, health and safety, engineering and technical finding and research based on modern methods and technical means;
  • drawing up the Application of Intent, participation in coordination with the local bodies of the Ministry of Ecology and the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
  • drafting the Application regarding the environmental effects of the planned activity.
  • participation in agreeing the EIA report and the state ecological expertise.

Documents required for Environmental impact assessment:

  • copy of Extract from USR;
  • copy of Certificate from USREOU (Statistics);
  • copy of VAT-payer Certificate (certified by the seal of the enterprise);
  • Bank details
  • site plan (scale S 1:500 or 1:1000, 1:2000) with adjoining territory of neighboring objects (to be specified on the plan);
  • plan of reserved fund on the map;
  • explanatory note or description of the technological process, volumes of production, presenting the certificates for production;
  • tech data sheets for equipment, boiler etc.;
  • information on personnel (total number, positions etc.)
  • operational hours (h/year; shifts, seasons, scheduled maintenance etc.)
  • BTI drawing, if facility already exists;
  • water consumption and drainage for equipment (closed cycle or down the drain, describe the drain (industrial, domestic, drainage, etc.),  volume (m3 / h m3/day, m3/year));
  • description of ventilation units (fan, cyclone, filter brands, etc.)
  • if the facility releases harmful substances into the air, it is necessary to order a certificate of background concentrations.

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