Permit for Outdoor Advertising Medium

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of obtaining the Permit for Outdoor Advertising Medium.

External advertisement is a type of advertisement placed on the special temporary and permanent constructions located on open terrain, as well as on external surface of houses, facilities, on elements of street furniture, above the road way on the streets and roads.

Permit is recognized as a special document granted to the distributor of outdoor advertising under decision of the executive body of village, settlement or city council, which gives the right to place an outdoor advertisement for a specified period of time in specified location.

Permit shall be agreed with the owner of such a location or its (his) authorized body (agent) and relevant Urban Planning and Architectural Authority. If necessary, at the request of the relevant body, it may be subject to approval by the State Automobile Inspectorate (SAI), relevant central and local executive body in the sphere of Protection of Cultural Heritage and nature reserve fund, a company in charge for utility lines etc.

Documents required for obtaining the permit for Outdoor Ad Medium:

  • Standard application form
  • copy of Extract from USR confirming registration of advertisement distributor - legal entity or individual entrepreneur;
  • high-quality color photo of intended location for advertising medium (2 copies.);
  • high-quality color computer object-oriented layout for advertisement design and its intended location (2 copies.);
  • color advertisement sketch (2 copies.);
  • advertising medium design concept certified by the seal of developer with a copy of a license for provision of services on construction design and engineering of load-bearing metal structures (2 copies.);
  • schematic layout of intended placement for advertising medium (for surface constructions);
  • address and location details for intended ad medium;
  • Taxpayer Certificate (4-OPP from) - copy;
  • VAT/Unified tax-payer certificate (if any) - copy;
  • copy of lease contract (purchase agreemnt, title) for premises;
  • information about owner, address and placement of construction for external advertisement medium;
  • bank details, name and post of the head;
  • Power of Attorney to act on your behalf.

Our services of obtaining the permit for outdoor advertising medium include:

  • competent consultation on the procedure of obtaining the permit;
  • dafting the documents required for obtaing the permit;
  • submission of documents to relevant authorities;
  • obtaining the permit.

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