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We offer a broad range of services for business and private customers covering various fields of their activities and aiming to build long-term relations for the benefit of all parties.

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Business Registration

State registration of newly-established entities; registration of changes; extracts from Commercial Register; liquidation of companies; other related services.

Translation Services

Translation of corporate, commercial, personal and private documents, emails, web-sites, software etc.; audio-to-text conversion; other related services.

For Non-Residents

Services for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in Ukraine; legal assistance for companies with foreign employess.

Licenses & Permits

Legal assistance in obtaining the licenses, permits and patents in various state authorities for companies and individual entrepreneurs; other related services.

Apostille & Legalization

Apostille and consular (embassy) legalization of documents issued in Ukraine/abroad and intended for use abroad/in Ukraine; other related services.

Other Legal Services

Legal assistance in different matters covered by corporate, civil, criminal law; reviewing & drafting the contracts, agreements, statements of claim, etc.