Legalization of Medical Certificates

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of legalization of medical certificates.

Legalization of Ukrainian standrd-form medical certificates is executed by the Ministry of Health. Certificate shall be duly completed and certified by local Department of Health on a territorial basis. For example, certificates issued in Lviv region shall be certified by Regional Department of Health in Lviv region.

In Kyiv, the Central City Hospital is in charge for that type of medical certificates.

Address: Shovkovicha street 39/1, phone 234-73-64.

Medical certificates for traveling abroad (Form 079 or 082) are issued by polyclinics at the place of person's residence. Certificate shall be sealed with a seal containing an identification code of polyclinic. Then certificate shall be sealed by regional or municipal health departments and certified by the seal of the Ministry of Health and finally the procedure of Apostille shall be done.

Certificate is valid for: 6 months.

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