Registering a foreigner as an entrepreneur in Ukraine

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of registering a foreigner as an individual entrepreneur in Ukraine.

In accordance with article 26 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the foreigners and persons without citizenship who stay in Ukraine on legal grounds have the same rights and freedoms and also bear the same responsibilities as the citizens of Ukraine (the exceptions are established by the  Constitution, laws or international treaties of Ukraine). Exception in the form of prohibition to foreigner to engage in entrepreneurial activities is not established by The Constitution of Ukraine and therefore he can be an economic agent subject to one condition -  legal grounds to stay in the territory of Ukraine.

Any of the following documents can be legal ground to stay in Ukraine for foreigners:

  1. Duly registered passport document
  2. Temporary residence permit in Ukraine
  3. Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

Having determined legitimate grounds to stay in Ukraine based on these documents, we can talk about registration of a foreigner as an entrepreneur.

According to the law, an individual who has Ukrainian Tax ID number and wants to be registered as an entrepreneur should submit to the state registrar the following documents:

  1. Standard application form;
  2. Ukrainian Tax ID;
  3. Receipt confirming the payment of a state fee for registration of entrepreneur.
  4. A notarized consent of the parents (adoptive parents) or guardian, or guardianship authority if the applicant is an individual who is at least sixteen years old and intends to do business.

For registration as an entrepreneur, a foreigner shall:

  • stay in Ukraine on legal grounds;
  • register his place of residence within 10 days of arrival to such place;
  • live at registered place of residence within 6 months from the date of registration;
  • get Ukrainian Tax ID;
  • submit the required documents to the state registrar at his place of residence.

According to the Tax Code of Ukraine, a foreigner who is registered as an entrepreneur in Ukraine is considered a Ukrainian resident.

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