Construction License

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of obtaining the construction license in Kyiv and in other cities of Ukraine.

According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On licensing the certain types of business activities in constraction" of 12/5/2007 No. 1396, business agents (individuals and legal  entities) who intend to start construction activities are obliged to obtain the construction license for construction of architectural structures in the territory of Ukraine.

Order of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine No. 392 of 10/6/2010 made a number of amendments to the LICENSING CONDITIONS for economic activities in construction related to construction of architectural structures, and amendments to the work types codifier.

In accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of the ministers of Ukraine No. 148 of 2/27/2012, only construction-and-assembly operations of IV and V degree of complexity are the subject of construction license.

It should be noted that a future licensee shall meet a number of skill-organizational, technological, and special requirements.

Thus, the license applicant must attend the meeting of the State Architectural and Construction Supervision Commission (SACSC), undergo an expert review to ensure his possibility to perform the declared types of operations according to the State Standards of Ukraine (SSTU), Construction Standards and Regulations (CSR), State  building code (SBC). Moreover, it is necessary to develop and draw up the required documentations, to have a number of engineers and technicians of various specialties on a regular basis.

Types of construction licenses:

  • construction license for exploration operations
  • construction license for project design
  • construction license for assembling operations
  • construction license for erection of constructions
  • construction license for engineering operations

Services of obtaining the building license include:

  • competent consultation on the lisensing procedure;
  • representing your interests before the licensing authorities;
  • dafting the documents required for issuance of license;
  • submission of documents to SACSC;
  • obtaining the license.

For obtaining the construction license, it is necessary to submit the following documents:

  1. Standard application form;
  2. A list of operations according to the codifier;
  3. A copy of the Articles;
  4. Extract or Excerpt from the Unified State Register (notarized copy);
  5. Certificate from the State Statistics Service;
  6. A copy of the Taxpayer Certificate;
  7. Details of structural units (branches, subsidiaries, etc.) - if any;
  8. Occupational structure, engineering and technical personnel (ETP), copies of orders;
  9. Copies of ETP degrees;
  10. Copies of work record cards, contracts, agreements with ETP and workers;
  11. Copies of certificates of welders, fitters, high-rise construction workers and others (if the applicant performs relevant operations);
  12. Information on office, industrial and warehouse premises, copies of documents confirming the right to use them (extracts from the balance sheet, copies of the lease agreements);
  13. Information on the presence of basic equipment, tools, test instruments, measuring devices, copies of supporting documents (extracts from the balance sheet, copies of agreements, contracts);
  14. Details of regulatory, informational and legal support;
  15. Information on Safety Management System, job descriptions and orders of appointment of persons in charge for the health and safety of labor  (if Safety Management System is absent);
  16. Information on Control and Quality Management System according to SSTU ISO 9001 (if Quality Management System is absent);
  17. Information on Environment Protection according to SSTU ISO 14000 (if Environment Protection Management System is absent);
  18. A list of individually completed contracts (if any);
  19. An agreement with accredited laboratory;
  20. A copy of permit from  State Mining and Industry Inspection (SMII) for performance of construction-and-assembly operations;
  21. Power of Attorney to act on your behalf.

After completeion of the building license obtaining procedure You will get:

  • A state-recognized License;
  • Appendix with the list of operations under the license.

Lead time for obtaining the construction license: to be discussed individually (after submission of complete set of documents).

Price and Lead Time