Change of Registered Office

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of the state registration of changes regarding the registered office of your company in Kyiv and in other cities of Ukraine.

Documents required for the registration of change of your company's Registered Office:

  1. Extract from the Unified State Register;
  2. Certificate from the State Statistics Service;
  3. Previous version of the Articles and amendments made thereto (if any);
  4. Articles of Incorporation / Memorandum of Association etc. (if any);
  5. Certificate (notification) confirming the registration in the Funds of Social Insurance;
  6. Copies of passports and Tax ID numbers of Director and Chief Accountant;
  7. Information regarding the new address for registered office;
  8. Power of Attorney to act on behalf of your company.

Change of your company's Registered Office includes the following steps:

  • Drafting the documents required for the registration of changes (protocol (minutes), decision, powers of attorney, amendments to the Articles of Association;
  • Payment of the state fee;
  • Registering the changes in the District State Administration and obtaining an up-to-date Extract from the Unified Sate Register;
  • Notifying the State Statistics Service and obtaining an up-to-date Certificate from the State Statistics Service;
  • Notifying the state funds regarding the changes and obtaining the up-to-date certificates from these funds;
  • Assistance in obtaining the new address for registered office, if required;

The price includes all the state fees.

Price and Lead Time