Registration of foreign investments in Ukraine

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of registration of foreign investments in Ukraine.

Procedure of registration of foreign investments in Ukraine is determined by the Regulations on the procedure of the state registration of foreign investments approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated August 7, 1996 No. 928 (hereinafter - Regulations).
The state registration of foreign investments is done by the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Kyiv and Sevastopol city state administrations. The Main Department of Foreign Economic Activity and European Integration provides registration in these organs.

First, it is necessary to make an investment in the authorized capital of the company, then - to obtain a certificate from the tax authorities confirming that such an investment was actually made and then - carry out state registration of foreign investment. We should also remember of the duly executed power of attorney, if the registration procedure is not performed by investor himself. It is necessary to draft and legalize the power of attorney from a foreign investor to act on his behalf in the matters relating to the registration of foreign investment.

Here is the list of required documents for registering the foreign investment:

  1. application addressed to the Head of the Main Foreign Economic Relations and Investments with a request to make a state registration of investment;
  2. information notice on making the foreign investments in triplicate filled in the form and in accordance with the annex number 1 and 2 to the Regulations with certification of the tax authorities confirming such an investment;
  3. documents confirming the form of a foreign investment: articles of incorporation, shareholder's agreement etc., all amendments and supplements thereto, if any, (the original and a notarized copy);
  4. Articles of the company with all the amendments, if any, (the original and a notarized copy);
  5. agreement (contract) on joint activities and all changes, amendments thereto, if any, (the original and a notarized copy);
  6. Certificate of state registration of the company;
  7. Certificate from municipal Statistics Service of Ukraine confirming the identification code of the enterprise;
  8. documents confirming the amount of foreign investment in foreign currency or in UAH in case of reinvestment - a bank certificate;
  9. if the foreign investment is made in the form of property contribution, the copies of the customs declarations, waybills etc. will be required;
  10. financial department certificate confirming the crediting of funds to the city budget;
  11. a copy of receipt confirming the payment for state registration of foreign investments;
  12. Appropriate power of attorney (the original and a certified copy).

Our services of registering the foreign investments include:

  1. Legal advice on the order of registration.
  2. Obtaining a confirmation of the tax service regarding the investment made.
  3. Drafting the documents to register investments.
  4. Submission of all required documents to the registration authorities.
  5. Obtaining the information on registration of foreign investment.

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