Translation of Public Documents

In general, Public Documents, also known as public records, are the documents produced or issued by a public authority and intended for public distribution and/or access regardless of its format or medium. As a rule, these documents contain statements made by the authorized public officers in their respective official capacity and, thus, they act as admissible evidence of a certain fact in civil matters.

In a global world, where people regularly travel abroad, there is a need for translation of legally authenticated (by means of Apostille or Consular Legalization) public documents to be used in various business and private matters. 

These Public Documents include:

  • Documents issued by a court or its official
  • Administrative documents
  • Notarial acts
  • Official certificates placed on private documents
  • Diplomatic and consular documents
  • etc.

The most popular areas covered by public documents requested for translation by our customers: 

Those relating to personal matters:

  • Birth
  • Marriage, including marital status as well as capacity to marry
  • Divorce, including marriage annulment or legal separation issued by a court
  • Parenthood
  • Domicile and/or residence
  • Nationality
  • Absence of a criminal record

Those relating to business matters:

  • State registers’ records
  • Good standing
  • Bank statements
  • Audit reports
  • etc.

We’ll be glad to help you with translation and authentication of public documents issued in Ukraine and abroad.

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