Trade Patent

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of obtaining the Trade Patent.

Trade patent is a state-recognized certificate of limited duration for a certain type of business activities; it is issued subject to a timely payments of corresponding fee to the local budget.

The fee rate is determined by the local authorities. Generally speaking, every business agent who trades or provides the services for cash should pay the fee for certain types of business activities.

Trade patent types:

  1. Standard trade patent: valid for 60 calendar months.
  2. Preferential trade patent: valid for 60 calendar months.
  3. Short-term trade patent: Patent validity: 1 to 15 calendar days.
    Short-term trade patent is purchased in the case of trade fairs, trade exhibitions and other short-term activities related to the demonstration and sale of goods.
  4. Trade patent for entertainment activities: valid for 8 calendar quarters.
    Trade patent for entertainment activities is purchased for every individual playing site. If an individual playing site has several independent playing sites, trade patent is purchased separately for each of them.
  5. Trade patents for units:
    For trading activity, provision of paid services and for currency exchange activities, it is necessary to purchase a trade patent for each point of sale of goods, point of paid services, currency exchange office.

The service of obtaining the trade patent includes:

  • Consulting on obtaining the trade patent;
  • Drawing up and submission of the documents required thereof;
  • Obtaining the trade patent.

Documents required for obtaining the trade patent:

  • A certified copy of the sale and purchase or of the lease agreement. If premises are leased, a copy of the lessor's title for premises shall be affixed.
  • A certified copy of an extract or the state registration certificate;
  • A certified copy of the Statistics certificate;
  • The certified copies of the passports and Tax IDs of the company's director and chief accountant;
  • A certified copy of 4-OPP certificate;
  • A certified copy of the first page of the Articles;
  • Document confirming the payment of fees;
  • Bank details of the company.

The cost of obtaining the trade patent: varies depending on its type.

Lead time for the service of obtaining the trade patent: from 5 working days.

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