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Being an integral part of our world, medicine is the very sphere that we all face right from the date of our birth.

Thus, throughout our life we - one way or the other - stay its part as the patients during medical examination, medical supervision or treatment, visiting the drug stores and so on. Almost all of us have medical records kept by healthcare professionals since our childhood. Many people are conversant with the prescriptions required to buy a drug preparation (Prescription Medicine). Modern pharmaceutical market is a place where you can find different medical equipment, health aids, and the drugs for treating numerous disorders.

Technical progress, being a catalyst of the worldwide development of the modern medicine, pharmacological research, real advances and findings in the field of genetics and bioengineering, new technologies in this sphere, their expansion and worldwide demand for such achievements resulted in always growing demand for high quality services, in particular, in the field of medical translations. As a rule, the manufacturers release the instructions and manuals for their products in their native language. Medical institutions use foreign equipment for examination and treatment purposes. Therefore, there is a necessity to translate their instructions and manuals in order to use abroad. There is the same situation with research works, with medical records of patients treated abroad, certificates of different types and so on. These examples are numerous.

High complexity of medical translations is an undeniable fact. This work requires from our translators to have a specialized knowledge in the number of fields and directions of medicine, such as preventive and clinical medicine, pharmacology (pharmaceutics), dietetics, therapeutics, surgery, psychiatry, pediatrics, gerontology, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, ophthalmology, dentistry to name a few. The essential requirements for the translator is his dexterity in medical and pharmaceutical terminology both with attention to details.

Lion's Mark Company is always ready to translate your medical documents, in particular:

  • Translation of patient records, certificates, analyses, lab tests etc.
  • Translation of various types of medical reports
  • Translation of manuals for various types of medical equipment
  • Translation of instructions for use for various types of drugs
  • Translation of medical publications, scientific articles, research
  • Translation of registration documents, as well as quality certificates for various types of medical equipment, drugs etc.
  • Translation of life and health insurance contracts
  • Translation of other medical documents

In any case, medical field relates to all of us and, thus, to the people’s life and health in general. Therefore, Lion’s Mark Company has an individual and careful approach in choosing the translators with relevant expertise in the field.

You will be happy with the result you get with our help regardless of the complexity of your documents.

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