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The modern world is perhaps at the highest level of international economic integration in the history of mankind, with its essential elements such as investment activities and free trade regime. This state of affairs allows us to conclude with confidence that international contacts and the exchange of information, which precedes the conclusion of transactions and the establishment of new economic relations, play a very important role. Therefore, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of such an area of our activities as financial and economic translations, which allows us to cross the language barriers of contractors, while taking into account all the specifics of international law and the provisions of their local legislation.

We are aware of the responsibility for the translation of such projects and we are scrupulous in our selection of translators, taking into account their years of experience and specialization in this particular field of work, individually for each separate project, taking into account all their specificity.

In addition to the linguistic qualifications required, our employees are also educated and experienced in the industry and have an excellent understanding of financial and economic matters. They are confident in using a lot of specific terms as well as abbreviations, which have a wide range of application in this vocabulary. They are familiar with the requirements imposed by states on various forms of financial and economic documents and pay maximum attention to numbers and details (since even a misplaced decimal point may become critical). They realize that each document leads to the future development of your business and profits.

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Lion's Mark Company specializes in translating all types of financial and economic documents, covering, in particular, the following areas:

  • translation of various types of agreements, contracts and annexes thereof;
  • translation of financial and accounting statements, reports and tax returns;
  • translation of audit reports;
  • translation of all kinds of tender documents;
  • translation of various bank documents (certificates, account statements, etc.);
  • translation of business plans, projects, presentations;
  • translation of marketing and research papers;
  • translation of financial and economic articles and literature, etc. 

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