Permit for performance of hazardous operations

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of obtaining the permit for performance of hazardous operations.

As a rule, every company obtaining a building license also obtains a permit for performance of hazardous operations (permission from the State Health and Safety Supervision Authority (SHSSA) - Occupational Safety Certificate (OSC)).

Occupational Safety Certificate is a document, which grants permission to perform hazardous operations, including those during construction.

Any company, which has intention to start (continue) hazardous operations or to put the facilities, machines and mechanisms into operation, to provide training on the matters of occupational safety for another business entities, professional training, re-training or advanced training of workers who will perform hazardous operations, shall obtain a relevant permit from SHSSA or its local body. To work legally and freely, the company shall train its personnel.

The training is performed by specialized training centers guided by the Model regulations on the procedure of training and testing in the field of occupational safety.

To obtain a permit for commencement of operations, a business entity or its agent shall submit to SHSSA or its local body a standard application form with the following documents:

  • to start (continue) hazardous operations: 
    expert and technical center (ETC) report on the business entity's possibility of ensuring compliance with the requirements of laws and statutory regulations on occupational and industrial safety while performing the declared operations;
  • to put a facility into operation:
    expert report on the facility's conformity with requirements of statutory regulations and legal acts on occupational safety and industrial policies (including certification statements, if any) and the business entity's possibility of ensuring compliance with the requirements of laws during its operation, as well as with service documentation;
  • to provide training on the matters of occupational safety:
    expert report of the SHSSA main scientific and methodological center or ETC on business entity's possibility to provide occupational safety training.



To obtain a permit for performance of hazardous operations, the following documents are required:

  1. Extract from the Unified State Register;
  2. A copy of Certificate from Statistics (with corporate seal affixed);
  3. A copy of the Articles (with corporate seal affixed);
  4. A copy of the lease contract for premises (with corporate seal affixed);
  5. A copy of the License with Appendix (with corporate seal affixed);
  6. A copy of the staff list (with corporate seal affixed);
  7. A copy of the VAT-payer certificate
  8. Bank details
  9. Copies of occupational safety (OS) examination certificates and protocols for:
    • OS comission members;
    • OS specialists, copies of intracompany orders on the matters of occupational health and safety;
    • information on operating equipment used by company, copies of manufacturer's certificates for equipment and tools;
    • copies of the stuff certificates corresponding to their positions, as well as copies of occupational safety training certificates and other relevant documents confirming their qualification.
  10. A list of hazardous operations the company intends to perform;
  11. Staff list for engineers, technicians and other staff involved in hazardous operations.

To pass the training and obtain the certificates, required are the copies of passports of:

  1. Director
  2. Chief Engineer
  3. Officer in charge for OS
  4. Electrician (IV-V grade)
  5. Electric gas welder

Our services include the following:

  • competent consultation on the procedure of obtaining the permit;
  • representing your interests before the licensing authorities;
  • dafting the documents required for issuance of permit;
  • submission of documents to relevant authorities;
  • obtaining the permit.

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