Operating Schedule Approval

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of obtaining the Operating Schedule Approval.

Business agents leasing the shopping spaces in commercial centers shall attach only the copies of permit to start operations in such a premise without additional approvals from SSES and Fire inspection bodies, except lessees selling foodstuff and food additives, hygiene and  sanitation products, cosmetics and perfumes, household chemical goods and products for children.

To obtain an approval, it is necessary to have a waste collection contract and health cards for salesmen. Premises shall meet health standards and have rooms for hygiene (toilet room with wash basin). Depending on the type of activity (trade in foodstuff, provision of hairdressing services) there are different requirements for premises and customer service procedure. Permission to trade in kiosks is subject to a lease contract for a land plot where such a kios is located and to a relevant order for SAF (small architectural form -  kiosk).

Information necessary for obtaining the sanitary and epidemiological conclusion:

  • list of products;
  • UCGFEA or SCPS code
  • name and address of the manufacturer
  • name and address of the applicant
  • contract (if any)
  • product description, Safety Data Sheet

Documents required for approval:

  • Certified copies of:
    1. Extract from USR;
    2. Taxpayer Certificate;
    3. Certificate from USREOU (Statistics);
    4. Permit for operation from Fire inspection;
    5. Permit for operation from SSES;
    6. Approval from executive committee (original hard copy);
    7. A document confirming the lease or a title for premises where the operations will take place and design;
    8. Waste collection contract
  • Bank details, contact info, name of Director, desired operating schedule for premises

Our services for the operating schedule approval include the following:

  • competent consultation on the procedure of obtaining the approval;
  • dafting the documents required for approval of operating schedule;
  • submission of documents to relevant authorities;
  • obtaining the approval.

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