Permit issued by the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of obtaining the permit from SSES.

Sanitary and epidemiological conclusion is a document confirming the product's compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations. Every Sanitary and epidemiological conclusion has its registration number, date of issue and date of expiration, name of product being tested, UCGFEA code (Ukrainian Classification of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity) for foreign production or SCPS code (State Classifier of Products and Services) for domestic production, scope of use and sale of product, the name and address of the manufacturer and applicant, safety criteria.

Sanitary and epidemiological conclusion is issued for a period from 1 to 5 years for first four digits of UCGFEA or SCPS code (sometimes it is possible to specify several codes in one conclusion).

Information necessary for obtaining the sanitary and epidemiological conclusion:

  • list of products;
  • UCGFEA or SCPS code
  • name and address of the manufacturer
  • name and address of the applicant
  • contract (if any)
  • product description, Safety Data Sheet

To obtain a permit from SSES, the following documents are required:

  1. Standard form application;
  2. A copy of extract from the Unified State Register;
  3. A copy of Statistics Certificate;
  4. A copy of taxpayer certificate;
  5. A document confirming the lease or a title for premises;
  6. production worksheet, list of tools and equipment to be used at the facility, capacity of facility;
  7. number of employees, medical examinations data;
  8. plan of leased premises indicating the installed equipment;
  9. reconstruction project for premises in case of change of intended purpose, and conclusion of SSES on the project approval;
  10. ventilation system manufacturer's certificate;
  11. waste collection contract
  12. contract with disinfection service
  13. approval of the land use project on land allocation (land allocation project);
  14. conclusion related to selection (allotment) of land for construction;
  15. conclusion on allotment of land for construction;
  16. conclusion related to construction project approval;
  17. approval related to commissioning of constructed or reconstructed facilities or operating permit - for foodstuff manufacturers;
  18. conclusion related to requirements of health legislation;
  19. conclusion of state sanitary and epidemiological expertise related to: regulation documentation (RD), imported and domestically produced products, facilities;
  20. approval on the range of food products produced and (or) saled by company;
  21. Power of atttorney to represent your interests. 

Our services include the following:

  • competent consultation on the procedure of obtaining the permit;
  • representing your interests before the licensing authorities;
  • dafting the documents required for issuance of permit;
  • submission of documents to relevant authorities;
  • obtaining the permit.

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