IT, Software & Website Localization

Today IT industry holds one of the leading positions in global economy and its progress is dramatic and constantly growing.

Web services and numerous mobile apps became an integral part of our everyday life. That is why software localization is a must to successfully follow modern global trends where the ease of user experience makes your service competitive.

E-commerce, online shopping, international delivery, consulting, accounting, legal services, e-banking… Today a customer can find everything on the web or in mobile app regardless of his or her actual location. And there are numerous researches showing that localization is crucial for international customers because they prefer information and products in their native language.

In other words, the quality of software localization is the cornerstone of your success.

Its key features include localization of user interface (UI), text length, date, time and local currency etc. The end result is a seamless user experience and satisfied customers.

Lion's Mark Company provides a wide range of services in the field of software and website localization and will be glad to help you improve your global presence and instruments adapting your services to local requirements.

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