Notariztion of Translations

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Notarization of documents intended for use abroad is carried out in accordance with Art. 98 of the Law of Ukraine "On Notary". Documents drawn up in accordance with international law may differ significantly from the documents used in Ukraine. The document intended for submission abroad shall be drawn up in Ukrainian. Certification of translation of this document into foreign language should be done in accordance with the rules of translation accuracy.

Drafting and certifying the powers of attorney, declarations

When drawing up the documents for their legal validity abroad, a notary shall take into account some features of their appropriate drafting. Thus, in the wording of the power of attorney or declarations an additional use of foreign interpretation of surname, name and patronymic is allowed both with their spelling in accordance with Ukrainian passport. Surname, name and patronymic of Ukrainian citizens shall be written in full and the place of residence shall be specified as well.

Date of issue of the power of attorney may be specified at the beginning as well as at the end of the text. Upon request of the diplomatic missions of foreign states, the following statements may be drafted by the notaries (within their jurisdiction):

  • parental consent to the marriage between their son (daughter) and a foreigner;
  • permit for permanent residence abroad;
  • parental consent to a temporary departure of minor children abroad;
  • parental consent to the adoption of their children and the change of surname, name and patronymic.

The Embassy or the competent authorities of the state where a person applies to shall be specified in the text of the document drafted by notary.


(From Instruction on the order of notarial actions by the notaries of Ukraine)

265. Notary certifies the correctness of translation of documents from one language into another if he/she has a practical knowledge of the corresponding languages.

If the notary doesn't have a practical knowledge of the corresponding languages (one of them) translation of a document shall be done by translator and the validity of his signature shall be certified by notary in the form and manner specified in the Chapter 28 of this Instruction. In this case, the said translator, along with a document that confirms his identity, shall provide the proof of his qualification.

266. If both with notarial act (certification of contract, true copies etc.) the document is translated into a foreign language, the translation shall be placed next to the original wording of the document on the same page separated by vertical bar, so that the original wording would be in the left column and its translation - in the right. Translation of entire document wording shall be done and the document shall end with the signatures. The signature of translator is placed under translation. Signature of authentication is placed under the texts of document and its translation.

Translation drafted on a sheet separately from the original or the copy shall be attached to the original and signed and sealed by the notary.

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