Certificate of no criminal record

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of obtaining the Certificate of no criminal record.

Documents required to obtain the certificate of no criminal record:

  • For citizen of Ukraine: a copy of passport including residency address page;
  • For citizen of Ukraine who is abroad: a copy of the passport and additional information on registration in Ukraine;
  • For foreigner: a copy of passport with a copy of Visa (if there is Visa regime with Ukraine).
  • Power of Attorney.

You have to choose a purpose of obtaining the certificate of no criminal record.

Certificate of no criminal record is required in a case of:

  1. obtaining a Visa for travel abroad;
  2. job placement abroad;
  3. submission to the agencies of foreign countries;
  4. issue or change of passport documents;
  5. registration of citizenship;
  6. registration / renewal of stay in the territory of Ukraine;
  7. gun registration;
  8. obtaining a license to work with the drugs, precursors, psychotropic substances;
  9. drafting the documents for the bodies of social security;
  10. submission to the bank;
  11. other purposes

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