Liquidation of an Individual Entrepreneur

Lion's Mark Law Company provides the services of Liquidation of Individual Entrepreneur in Kyiv and in other cities of Ukraine.

The process of Individual Entrepreneur Liquidation includes the following steps:

  1. Copies of the passport and ID number;
  2. Certificate of State Registration / Extract from the Unified State Register (original hard copy);
  3. Certificate from the State Tax Service (4-OPP form);
  4. Certificate of Registration in the Pension Fund of Ukraine.
  5. Certificate of Unified Tax Payer (valid + for all previous years).
  6. All the reports and statements submitted to the State Tax Service and Pension Fund during the activities of Individual Entrepreneur;
  7. Personification for the whole period of activities;
  8. Tax return (for every quarter);
  9. Reports and statements to the state funds, Statistics;
  10. All the reciepts confirming the payment of Unified Tax (if Individual Entrepreneur is a Unified Tax payer);
  11. Form 10 book (filled);
  12. Labor contract(s) (if there any employees);
  13. Seal, if any.

Documents required to start the process of Liquidation of Individual Entrepreneur:

  • Consultation on the matters of Individual Entrepreneur liquidation;
  • Drafting the documents required for the Liquidation of Individual Entrepreneur;
  • Notarized Power of Attorney
  • Submission of an application for striking of an Individual Entrepreneur off the Unified State Register;
  • Strikin-off the State Tax Service register;
  • Strikin-off the State Pension Fund;
  • Obtaining the Certificate confirming the absence of debts to the Pension Fund and Social Insurance Fund or confirming that Individual Entrepreneur was  not registered in these funds;
  • Cancellation of the Certificate of State Registration;
  • Destruction of the seals and stamps, if any.

Lead time for liquidation of Individual Entrepreneur: to be discussed individually after providing us with complete set of documents.

Price and Lead Time