Minimum Salary Increased in Ukraine from December 01, 2013

According to legislation, Minimum Salary is an amount of salary for a simple, unqualified work, which can not be less for the standard work (amount of works) performed by an employee per month or per hour.
From the 1-st of December, 2013 the amount of Minimum Salary in Ukraine increased and is UAH 1218.00 per month or ...

Registration of foreign representative offices of non-residents in Ukraine. Features and Requirements

While interacting with foreign customers, we are often asked about the possibility to open a representative office of a foreign legal entity in Ukraine. This topic is especially relevant to the big cities of Ukraine ...

Temporary and Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine. The Goals and Steps of Implementation

Our clients from abroad often ask us about permanent residence permit in Ukraine. As a rule, they want to come with their families to Ukraine to stay and live here. Some of them want to start business ...

Marriage Contract and Its Special Features in Ukraine

During the cooperation of Lion's Mark Law Company with foreign partners and clients who legally stay in the territory of Ukraine, a lot of them (and Ukrainian citizens as well) has been asking us about the marriage agreement or contract.

Business of Foreign Citizens in Ukraine

More and more foreign citizens consider Ukraine not only as a place of business, but also as a place of a permanent residence for themselves and their families. Why do they choose this country